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Colorado Springs lies within El Paso County within the State of Colorado. It is considered to be the absolute largest city within the county with a population around 484,000. In the entire state, it ranks in as number two, in terms of population.

Located in the east-central region of the state, this city is situated on Fountain Creek and just a mere 70 miles directly south of the City of Denver. It is located near the base of the gorgeous Pikes Peak, which is on the eastern region of the Southern Rocky Mountains. It does not matter if you are in search of real estate for living or business purposes, or you are a real estate investor, you are sure to find numerous opportunities in Colorado Springs. In this guide, you will learn more about this popular city.

Colorado Springs

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The Basic Geography

The climate region of Colorado Springs is considered to be a semi-arid Steppe. The high plains are ease, the Southern Rocky Mountains are west, the Palmer Divide is north, and the south consists of desert. The area is the greatest of any location in the State of Colorado. It includes nearly 125,300 acres and that includes a total of 232 acres of nothing but water.

The Metropolitan Characteristics

There are many modern and urban-based features in Colorado Springs. These include parks, trails, and a wide assortment of open spaces to enjoy. While it is true that this is a beautiful and exquisite area, the population is growing at a fast rate. As a result of this, it has many metropolitan characteristics. This may prove to be advantageous to those seeking homes, rentals, spaces to open businesses, and more. While most that relocate to the area prefer the urban side of the city, many businesses and real estate investors may prefer the metropolitan side of the city.

Cost of Living

It is a known fact that housing prices are a bit higher in Colorado Springs than that of the national-based average. This is expected to continue to climb. In short, this stems from the immense population growth and the fact that there is a limited-based supply of homes in the area. The market is highly competitive. This is a downside for those seeking to purchase a home; however, there is an upside. That is, the property taxes that are charged in the area are considered to be among the absolute lowest throughout the entire United States. Homeowners may find it challenging to close on a home in the area, but once they do, they will be able to enjoy a cheaper alternative to living than that of the Denver area and lower property taxes.

If you are a real estate investor in the area, it is possible to purchase and flip homes to experience a higher return on your investment. This stems from the competitive housing market. Regardless of price, people simply want to live in the area. By purchasing homes and making just small changes that increase their overall value, you will quickly find that it is easy to flip an immense profit on your initial investment. In addition to wanting to live in a beautiful area with low property taxes, many are attracted to the area because of the fact that transportation, utility, and the costs associated with health care are lower.

General Information

Colorado Springs attracts many different types of people. These include historians, artists, sportsmen, architects, professionals, and more. The area boasts of a wide array of Western-based charms and attractions. The air is crisp and smells of the backdrop of mountains. The skies are sunny. The natural beauty is like none other. Individuals may pursue a large assortment of activities. These include golfing, extreme sports, water sports, fishing, picnicking, or simply exploring the well-maintained and beautiful parks that are situated throughout the area. There are 136 parks situated in neighborhoods, 8 community-based parks, a total of 7 regional parks, and 5 different complexes for sports.


There are numerous parks in which people are attracted to in Colorado Springs. One of the most popular ones is Garden of the Gods. This is a National Natural Landmark. Here, you will discover red and orange sandstone rocks that reach up to an amazing 300 feet. The backdrop consists of the snow-capped and ever-popular Pikes Peak. This is widely popular due to its beauty and the fact that it is free to the public. Here, many recreational opportunities may be pursued. These include rock climbing, riding on horseback, hiking, and more. Other Parks that are considered to be popular in and around Colorado Springs include the following:

  • Palmer Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Monument Valley Park
  • Austin Bluffs Park
  • Bear Creek Regional Park
  • Bear Creek Dog Park
  • Fox Run Regional Park
  • Fountain Creek Regional Park and Nature Center


Throughout Colorado Springs, there are many different trails that may be enjoyed. This is another aspect of the city that attracts homeowners. There is the New Santa Fe Regional Trail. Additionally, you will find the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Fountain Creek Regional Trail. This all come together to provide access straight through to the Fountain, Colorado region from Palmer Lake and Colorado Springs. Most are covered with gravel. There are paved paths for horse traffic, too. These all lead to other trails. If you are in the market for real estate and want to attract home buyers, you may use the natural beauty and appeal of the area as a solid selling point.

The Economy

Generally speaking, the overall economy of Colorado Springs is directly drive by high-tech industry, the military presence, and tourism. The service sector is also becoming increasingly popular. Popular locations abound within the city. This is especially true of military-based locations. Examples include Peterson Space Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, the Schriever Space Force Base, and other locations, such as Fort Carson. One selling angle for real estate investors is those in the military and their families. Being that so many job opportunities abound in the military sector, this is an excellent way to attract those families. If you are a military family, you should consider relocating to the area as many opportunities await you.

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Military & Economic Locations

Peterson Space Force Base
Air Force Base
United States Air Force Academy
Fort Carson
Davis Airfield
Schriever Air Force Base
Amazon Distribution Center
Olympic City USA Headquarters
National Cybersecurity Center
UCCS – University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Colorado College – Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak State College

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