Owner FAQs
Q: What makes Pioneer different then other property management companies?

A:  First, One of our biggest and most important differences is our motto of being engineered for success. Many of our competitors have established a reactive approach to property management where Pioneer takes a PROACTIVE approach to management services. We’re looking further down the road to identify potential problems or issues that may arise at a later date where our competitors may not do that. We come in at the very beginning, take a very detailed inspection inventory and find out things that may arise later on.

Second, what makes us different is that we’re much more than coming by and sticking a FOR RENT sign in the yard.

We look at ourselves as a financial asset manager. For those that are just starting out and have never rented their property before, Pioneer has the tools, policies and procedures to help coach you through that so you can begin to look at this as an investment and business instead of just getting a resident into the property and collecting rent.

Q: Are You Licensed?

A:  All property management professionals working at Pioneer hold a valid real estate license.

When seeking a property management company in Colorado Springs, it’s essential to verify that they hold a real estate broker’s license. This license is necessary for individuals acting as property managers to carry out their duties lawfully.

Securing this license is a rigorous process. In Colorado, obtaining a real estate license entails completing 168 hours of education, passing mandated exams, undergoing a background check, and obtaining suitable insurance coverage.

Q: How and when are owner deposits distributed after rent is collected?
A:   Contractually we agree to disperse and deposit your funds no later than the 15th of every month.
Q: Do you sell real estate too?
A:   While all of our property managers hold valid Real Estate Licenses in the state of Colorado. We are 100% focused on managing your home and providing excellent customer service to you and your residents. This attribute makes Pioneer very popular in the real estate community giving us access to many amazing sales agents available for your home sale. Please do ask us for a referral before you buy or sell.
Q: How is rent collection handled?
A:   Pioneer has invested in the best property management softwares allowing your resident to pay online, from anywhere at any time. They also have the ability to set up auto payments so holidays and weekends are never an excuse.
Q: How long of a lease do you sign?

A:  Typically our leases are 12 months although depending on time of year, unique neighborhood needs and owner requests there can be variations to lease length.

Q: Tell me about your lease renewal process:
A:   Every day that a property is vacant is lost revenue for the owner. We have a fiduciary duty as your management company to make sure we maximize your return on investment and reduce any surprises at turnover. This grants our residents flexibility in scheduling an onsite renewal inspection to confirm the condition of the property. Also to thoroughly solidify rental rate before starting negotiations with the current resident. One step further, Pioneer requires our residents to sign an entirely new lease at the time of renewal. This detail oriented step ensures that you, as the owner, are protected by all the new legislation that is introduced each year in Colorado. Our leases are examined and updated by our attorneys as often as laws change. Which is often!
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