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Are you Ready to Become a Landlord?

So you’ve identified that owning rental property is a smart investment. But are you really ready to become a landlord?

Many think being a landlord is either a nightmare filled with late-night sewer backups and evictions, or a cakewalk, as easy as watching the rent checks flow in.

The reality is somewhere in the middle – but exactly where depends on how you engineer your approach.

Landlord Like an Engineer Book
Over the past two decades, author Richard Sturtevant has developed optimized systems to lease and manage single-family rental homes. He knows how to maximize the potential of each unique piece of real estate while minimizing the effort required at each phase of the rental cycle.

The results have been clear when profits have been realized and reinvested (without hesitation) into more real estate.

In Landlord Like an Engineer, you’ll learn his proven approach to:

  • Optimize your rental property to maximize your revenue potential.
  • Scrutinize the resident selection process.
  • Handle inspections, damages, security deposits, and evictions to avoid headaches.
  • Leverage technology and specifics in your lease agreements for efficiency.
  • Vet and retain the most essential contractors.
  • Manage a short-term rental property, which is more like running a hotel.
  • Hire a property manager to save time and increase profits.
  • And more!

If you’ve realized that being a landlord has both incredible potential and mind-numbing pitfalls, Landlord Like an Engineer is your practical guide for success and profit.

Richard Sturtevant

Richard Sturtevant

Richard came from humble beginnings, burning his own firewood to heat his family’s home.

Born and bred an engineer by trade,The characteristics he brought into real estate met his desire to find a home in management… with excellent results.

It wasn’t long before he started making income in his real estate investments.

“The big problem I look to solve as an engineer-turned-landlord is how to optimize a real estate investment to consistently generate the most profit with the least headaches.”